Zameen pulls you into the heart of a remote Indian community fighting for their way of life. The show is built around a journey we made to India’s Narmada Valley in 2011, living and working alongside families whose lands and livelihoods are slowly being submerged due to large scale damn development in the area. The movement to halt the submergence and question India’s development processes – called the Narmada Bachao Andola , or “NBA” – has become one of the most successful activist movements in contemporary social history.

The images below by S. Shakthidharan were all taken during the 2011 journey. They have been installed at the Riverside Theatres foyer for the duration of Parramasala, and accompanied by a series of processed field recordings also taken at the site. The installation allows audiences to dig deeper into the stories that inspire the performance work.

Zameen is on at 5pm on Sunday 6th October and 3pm on Monday 7th October. Learn more and book tickets here:

A young aadavaasi girl from Badal, an affected village in the Narmada Valley. Due to local damn development, the village can now only be accessed by boat.

Dayal, one of the up and coming leaders and teachers in the NBA.

Baghirath, one of the senior activists in the NBA.

A young boy at a “satyagraha”, or non-violent protest. This particular satyagraha has been going for over two years. The community lives on the contested site until their demands are met.

The artists held workshops in dance, video and sound for the young people at the satyagraha. This image is taken during the dance workshop.

Young boys at the satyagraha.

Two young women at the satyagraha.

Meghna Nambiar and Sylvester Mardi, two dancers from Attakkalari at one the dam sites in the Narmada Valley.

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